Friday, October 19, 2012


facebook post recently:

"Man busting a hole in our sidewalk...much more fascinating than any lesson plan I had for today".

this prompted lots of questions about how homeschooling is going.  i so appreciate those questions.  especially since i am asking them myself.  how IS it going?  i don't know.  i really don't know.  and my fear is, i won't really know for a long time.  like a decade or so.  i'm trying to be o.k. with that.  i am doing what we feel is best for our family for this year and results are yet to be determined.  a lot like most things in parenting, i think.

things i like about homeschooling...

even while doing bible work and a midst math books, light sabers are never far away.  you just don't know when you'll need one (or five)

controlling our own schedule.  there is no exterior force setting times for things and because of that-"rushing" (and all the ugliness it brings) has been almost eliminated from our home.  

learning with my children.  learning new things, learning what they're learning, knowing what it is they're studying.

the very best thing...

continuity.  weird, huh?  you'd think it'd be something else.  but, the truth is the thing i enjoy the most and see the greatest benefits coming from is the "wholeness" in our life.  we are now one unit.  we all have the same schedule, the same goals, the same experience.  it has brought a great reduction in stress, arguments, and general chaos while at the same time brought our enjoyment of one another to new heights.  there is unity.  and harmony.
of course there are still disagreements, selfishness, and such, but there is also a richer context and more time to work through these things.  

the fine print thing...

#1-i am a lover of school.  institutionalized, organized, traditional SCHOOL.  it actually makes me giddy just thinking about school supplies, teacher gifts, desks, lunchboxes and books passed down each year.  i LOVE the schools my boys attended.  could not love them more.  i miss them deeply.

#2-i "couldn't do this".  you know how you always hear about people doing something and you think-"that's cool...but WE could never do that."  well, i thought that too.  i knew i'd be an amazing classroom teacher, but i also knew what it took to be a homeschooling mom and i knew i couldn't do it.  frankly, i just couldn't be with my kids for that many hours (all of them) a day.  

the conclusion thing...

we're doing it.  i don't know how and i don't know if it's "working".  but, we do it every day and we do it together.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

milk and cookies

my boys are having birthdays AGAIN!  i must admit...i lobbied hard for the theme this year.  milk and cookies are my favorite confection (or edible item for that matter:) in the world.  i also thought it would make a pretty cute spread.  here's what we had:

 cookies.  cookies.  and lots more cookies.  chocolate chip, white chocolate oatmeal, chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, and pudding chocolate chip.  
 of course you can't have cookies without milk.  these repurposed  frappecino bottles worked well for milk with straws.
 candles DO work in cookies:)
 i found free printables with the cookie and milk theme.  i created a bunting with paper and ribbon i already had.  this was the least expensive party i've ever thrown.  or should i say the most economic?  anyways, i didn't spend a lot of money.

party favors?  goody bags?  just give me some cookies to take home.  yummm...

Friday, October 12, 2012

that's a "good" day

we got the boys new bikes for their birthdays this year.  they've been hobbling along for years on a mish mash of hand-me-down bikes, bikes too small, bikes with chains that fell off more than they stayed on, and bikes that more resembled a toy, than a tool.  this did not stop them from riding, but it did add to the excitement in getting a new bike.  a bike that was sure to fit.  sure to work.  sure to fly.  

as we walked out of costco behind each boy wheeling out his shiny, new, world-opening bike, i noticed something interesting.  they were turning heads.  every few feet they strode another man or two would stop.  look.  and smile.  no less than five, FIVE different and unrelated men commented as we went from store, to checkout line, to parking lot.  and the fascinating thing is, they all said the very same thing.  those who spoke said, to no one in particular...."that's a good day."  some even tapped another man on the arm and pointed.  it was like i got a glimpse into the world of men.  they all rallied together in this common experience.  it was like their day was suddenly just as "good" because they knew what my boys felt.  i was so very glad they were there to make the moment even more momentous for my sons.