Monday, September 3, 2012

where have you been?

{Ari, Noah, and Judah in front of our new house}

well, here we are.  bellevue, kentucky.  
did we ever think we'd be here?  umm, no.  did we think we'd uproot our family and MOVE here?  definitely not.  as of a few months ago, were we anticipating anything but another start of school year in oklahoma city?  the closets full of freshly pressed uniforms, new backpacks, and stacks of paperwork filled out would suggest not.  so how did we get here? 

it's a long story.  and it happened in a short time.  so there were no spare moments to tell the story along the way.   i have been unable to find the words, the clarity, the precision necessary to communicate the story in under ten pages even though i've tried on many occasions.  since my linear thinking cannot post pictures of us settling in, exploring our new surroundings, or beginning to homeschool without first telling you we've moved i've decided to post this and allow myself to move on.  i hope to be able to tell our story in a concise and meaningful way one day, but for now, i think it is of more value to forge ahead and share our current voyage even with a piece "missing". 


Ben Crawford said...


Jeana said...

I'm excited to hear the story however and whenever it comes out. Your new house looks AWESOME! House tour! House tour! House tour!

Christa Forsythe said...

Hope it's a grand adventure thus far... been thinking about you guys and excited for your future! Love and hugs! Welcome back!

Becky said...

Wow- I wondered where the Varela's have been :) Can't wait to hear/read/see the story of how God brought you to Kentucky and what He has in store for you there.