Wednesday, April 11, 2012

charlie and the chocolate factory

during lent our church had a dinner each wednesday night and then had lectures for the adults and an activity for the children. this year they used the book and scenes from the movie, charlie and the chocolate factory to teach. each main character highlights the dangers of Greed (Augustus Gloop), Pride (Veruca Salt), Envy (Violet Beauregarde), and Sloth (Mike Teavee). Charlie Bucket models the traits like working hard, asking for forgiveness when he is wrong, and honesty. the boys got really excited by their lesson each week and after Ari read the book in one day i decided we needed to view the movie in its entirety.
we all signed the same contract the children did upon entering the chocolate factory and we shared a genuine wonka bar
chocolate dipped treats
wonka sweet tart jelly beans, chocolate dipped pretzels, and popcorn to munch on during the movie
before we sat down to start watching we got to make our very own chocolate (thank you bonnie for the kit!). it was so fun to participate in the process that the book talks about and actually touch real cocoa beans that were the oompa loompa's currency.

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Tonya said...

How fun!!! :)