Monday, March 5, 2012


saturdays can be rough at our house. we seem to thrive on routine, and when there's nothing but lazy, unscheduled hours ahead we don't do so well. i've decided that saturday mornings we now do something. anything really. just something. low stress. low commitment. but something.
this week we hit the home depot free project of the month for kids. what a success!

the boys got to glue, hammer, (stick their tongues out) and walk away with a race car they made!
we decided to continue benefiting from the generosity of our local retailers and went to krispy kreme where on saturday mornings kids can hand dip their own chocolate sprinkle doughnut.
no cost. (well to us)
no mess. (well not at my house)
and no fighting. (well, until we turned out of the parking lot)
it was a great morning.

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Christa Forsythe said...

How fun! If only we had a krispy kreme... hum... I love things that help break up the routine!