Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the montage

life is rarely like it is in the movies. man, it would be nice if it was. i guess i can live without the "happy endings" and everything wrapping up in 90-120 minutes. the romance doesn't really make my heart flutter anymore either. i have the love of my life who has seen me without "hair and makeup" and has heard my unscripted words and still loves me. i've used itunes to create my own soundtrack and i like it better than any hollywood one anyway.

the thing i do really wish would somehow translate to reality is the montage. do you know what i mean? the times when some really big project/challenge/ situation arises and it's gonna take a lot of effort/work/time to get to the other side. cue the inspirational music, no dialogue is heard, and snippets of the process are shown fading in and out as the characters eventually achieve the desired outcome. you don't get to really experience how they got there. you just know you feel all mushy inside and there's a grin on your face at the end. if you still don't know what i mean, picture rocky getting into shape and ending with the iconic image of him, arms raised, at the top of the steps.

we all have montage worthy challenges in our lives. the most daunting and long lasting for me at this point is parenting. 18 years and 9 months long to be exact. but there are others as well. weight loss/body health. financial responsibility. time management habits. no one plays music for me. no one compresses the entirety into a few short minutes on a screen. and no one is cheering or starting a whole building full of applause with one clap as i enter the room when it's complete.

the truth is it is just work. plain old hard work. and a lot of it. and not much glory. no moments of comic relief. and you can't see where you are in the real life montage. the music doesn't tell you when you're halfway or nearing the end. you just keep pressing on. plugging away. one foot in front of the other. bore-ing. not something anyone would ever sit down and watch with a bucket of popcorn. but what we're doing in those moments of longsuffering and faithfulness is actually life changing. more profound and lasting than any blockbuster. more emotional and gripping than the best tear jerker.

as the saying goes..."keep on keepin' on". for you never know how close you are to the top of those stairs.

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Tonya said...

I think this post was just what I needed today. Sometimes it's hard not to fall victim to the drudgery of life. Thanks for being my own cheerleader of sorts. :)