Sunday, March 25, 2012

keep the camera handy

remember this and this?

well, i may need to be reminded of my commitment to grab the camera rather than grabbing my kid and letting them have it for whatever mess they may have created.

now that i have a "toddler" the messes are much more frequent.
there was this jumbo glass mason jar filled with ingredients to make oatmeal cookies.
there was the almost entire box of wet wipes lovingly emptied on the floor

super adorable smile, i know. but what isn't pictured is every single tupperwear, gladware, ziploc container and lid that we own. on the floor.

at this point my "little one" is so clueless and so young that grabbing the camera and resisting the urge to be mad at him is pretty easy. but as the months progress i know it will get more and more difficult as i will start to feel he should have avoided it some how. the truth is even at the age of 34 i still spill. a lot. and i don't want someone to yell at me. and i never do it on purpose.

so as my family and friends i commit to you that when i stumble upon these mini disasters over the next months and years i will strive to reach for my camera before choosing any other reaction. who knows, the pictures could become a weekly (daily....hourly?) feature on this blog!

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Jeana said...

I am right there with you. I took a picture a few nights ago of a giant pile of mini bell peppers all over my kitchen floor. Each pepper had one bite taken out it and the tiny little gloves lying in their midst gave me a pretty big clue for who the extra cute perpetrator was.