Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mommy's little helper

parenting. i've been at it for over nine years and still, i don't feel any more skilled than the day i became a mama. one thing i have learned, though, is it takes creativity. a lot of it. it takes humor too. i don't have much of the latter, but sometimes i can come up with creative ideas outside of the usual....yelling, ineffective timeouts, empty threats, and ever popular "i'm serious!"

last week noah had a day off of school and we had guests coming into town the next day so i HAD to go to the grocery store with him and judah. i usually am an expert at dodging this predicament, but there was no way around it that day. i've tried lots of grocery store options. there is the ever popular bribe, or as we like to call it "treat for being mommy's helper". i have also tried giving my children their own "grocery list", creating sticker games for them to play in the cart, and once even made a grocery store scavenger hunt. none of these have completely squelched the whining, the begging, or the general darting into the line of oncoming cart traffic.

so why would i try something new? why would i think anything else may help this nightmare that is grocery shopping with children? well, parenting also takes a bit of delusion and denial and so i threw my hat in the ring yet again and tried ANOTHER idea.

it worked.

who would've thought that bringing your own shopping cart would give a boy such purpose and focus that he would not see all the brightly colored sugar coated packages screaming for his attention? that it would put an end to all whining and complaining and actually make the experience a bit of fun? i certainly could not have predicted this success. or do i ever expect it to repeat itself. but, i do celebrate the one day we went to the grocery store without incident because that, my friends, is worth celebrating. and remembering. noah brings it up almost every day. it may just be one of those memories that lasts into adulthood. and that was worth lugging yet another thing into the trunk on grocery day.


Denee said...

Glad it worked! Around here, Trader Joe's has mini shopping carts. I hope that as Henri grows older, I will grow to hate them less. But the combo of my sporadic, mostly non-compliant 3-year-old and the autonomy to decide where he wants to go while driving something on wheels is not a good one! I hope that as he matures, the control of the cart will be greater, such that I'm not scared the whole time that he's going to run into someone!

Becky said...

very cool idea and even better that you got pictures of it:) Thanks for the encouragement that grocery shopping with kids can be special and without incident!

darbishar said...


Tonya said...

Way to go momma! Score! :)