Thursday, February 23, 2012

the Jesus tree

remember how we do the jesse tree for advent? well, when i saw a blogger doing a "Jesus tree" for lent, it was as if i had no choice but to start one for our family.

what i enjoy about these traditions in particular is how they are small, daily, reminders of the season we are in. they don't take much money or time, but i know they are the things my boys will remember as they grow.

the "ornaments" were free printables i simply cut out with my circle punch. i threaded a ribbon and now we have a concept and scripture reading starting with ash wednesday and the fall (genesis 3) all the way until resurrection sunday. to store our "ornaments" i just taped some paper around an old peanut can and tied a ribbon to make it a bit prettier. i look forward to our tree filling up as our hearts are filled with the reflection and truth of this season.


Jeana said...

Love it! What a great idea. I want to make a Jesus tree, too. Thanks for the link to the printables.

Christa Forsythe said...

Love it... we LOVE the jesse tree thanks to you! And I love this too... gonna copy you... I love anything creative to teach my kids more about the Bible! Thanks so much for posting this.... (I love your metal branches!!!!)