Sunday, January 1, 2012

house party

is it too late for a christmas post?
i found this in my draft folder and realized i never posted it.
ari's "house" at school had a christmas party last monday. i thought it might be fun to have a hot chocolate bar (thank you pinterest).
there were all sorts of things to jazz up your hot m&ms, christmas sprinkles, marshmallows, redi-whip, and of course a candy cane to mix your concoction!
since i was so excited about my chocolate dipped marshmallows with crushed candy cane i decided to have that be the activity for the party. this naturally led into an entire candy cane theme.
we read the story of Christ's birth and talked about the shepherd's staffs looking like candy canes and how a priest thought of shaping the stick of candy this way so children would have something to help them sit through the long Christmas service. (unfortunately i learned through research that the other legends about candy canes are probably just nice stories, but oh well:)
we also got to make these yummy treats to package up and give to a friend or neighbor to add to their own hot cocoa (although i heard a few were consumed before they ever made it into a mug:)

2011 has been QUITE a year and i'm formulating a post in my head about it, but it hasn't yet been written. i suppose since this post is about christmas i still have a week or so to get that one out. thanks for your comments, friendship, and love this year!

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Christa Forsythe said...

Ari's teacher must think you are a dream come true! Just love this idea... I haven't ventured to pinerest more than once... I am very, very afraid of finding way too much amazingness.... ahhhh!

Beautiful party! Wish I could have been there!