Tuesday, December 6, 2011

sinter klaas eve

this year we decided to separate our festivities into two as it was just becoming too much for one night. it keeps in line with the dutch tradition as sinter klaas EVE is actually a much bigger celebration.

the day was busy with preparation for the big night.
the shoes of two little boys (who were at school) were filled with gold coins (the chocolate variety), treats, and small gifts.
bishop of myra mitre (hat) cookies were cut and baked and favorite foods were prepared for dinner (weenie wraps, doritos, and black olives, anyone?)

after dinner it was time to exchange gifts and of course take the obligatory st. nicholas hat and shoe picture.
this one really captures noah.

and this one has "ari" written all over it.

it's o.k. i know you have to gasp a little and say "awww!! "
it is just
that cute
but THIS is really the one that captures judah's essence. it took dozens of these shots to get the one you just oohed and aaaahed over :)

after gifts were opened we sat down together to watch veggietales version of the life of st. nicholas. it does a good job of portraying the life and values of sinter klaas while maintaining of veggie-ish humor throughout.

we ended the night with a fire in the fireplace, plenty of sweeties to munch on and hearing the story of saint nicholas, the man who gave not only his wealth, but his time, his heart, and even for a time, his freedom, to lavish others with the love of his Savior.
we think this is a thing worth celebrating.


Tonya said...

Looks like it was a wondeful evening!! I love the personalities of all 3 of your little guys, they are so awesome. :)

Chelsea said...

So much fun! I love the photos!

Chelsea said...

So much fun! I love the photos!