Thursday, November 17, 2011

ten months

there is no better picture to capture judah this month. always watching. ever vigilant. just longing, wanting, pining to be big. straining to see. leaning forward to get an inch closer to the action.
still no teeth. still no sleeping through the night. but being a big boy? he's got it down. here he is at the science museum watching his brothers ride a segway and play with a chinese yo-yo. he just parked himself on the sideline and watched. completely engaged. the next best thing to actually "being there".

judah, you are the most precious spectator i've ever seen.
someday...far too near in the will be in the ring, fully participating instead of just dreaming about it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"how would it be if you came and had tea with me?"

do you know the story of narnia? specifically, the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe? the students at Ari's school are very well acquainted with this mythical place and when i was asked to put on an event for the house of Augustine i immediately started thinking narnian. Ari's school has five "houses". they are each comprised of students from every grade and are led by an upperclassman "prefect". i really enjoy this part of his education. the older ones are encourage to mentor and help the younger ones as they look up to the older. it also fosters friendships outside of ones own grade.

the famous scene from TLTWTW is mr. tumnus, the faun meeting lucy at the lamp post and inviting her to tea. what a perfect setting for an event!lucy met mr. tumnus as he was busy picking up his brown paper parcels, holding an umbrella and wearing a red muffler in the snow as in narnia it was "always winter, never christmas."

he asked if she was truly a "daughter of eve"...a human. when she confirmed, he asked "how would it be if you came and had
tea with me?"
"Lucy thought she had never been to a nicer place. It was a little, dry, clean cave of reddish stone...and a table and a dresser and a mantelpiece and above that a picture of an old Faun with a gray beard....and on one wall was a shelf full of books. Lucy looked at these while he was setting out the tea things. they had titles like The life and Letters of Silenus or Nymphs and Their Ways or Men, Monks, and Gamekeepers: a Study in Popular Legend or Is Man a Myth?"

"and it really was a wonderful tea. there was a nice brown
egg, lightly boiled, for each of them,

and then sardines on toast,

and then
buttered toast,

and then
toast with honey,

and then
sugar-topped cake.

to end our festivities, the headmaster, Mr. Carr, read to us from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. it was almost more of an acting out than a reading as he referred to all of the props we had as he read about them and pointed out each delicacy as they were mentioned in the story.
i had so much input from wonderful friends who helped me with supplies, ideas, and making this event come to life. thank you!
i think the children truly enjoyed being transported to narnia for a short time and asked to make this an annual tradition!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i've been scaling WAY back on my crafting as of late. it's part of my effort to simplify. but when i saw this banner on pinterest and that it was a free printable, well, i just had to give it a try.
it boasts one of my favorite words and it's the season where we celebrate gratitude so it serves as a beautiful reminder to me.
if you'd like to make one (only if you have the time and it won't stress you out:) click here for the free printable. i did mine on cardstock. i used twine i already had (you could use ribbon, string, raffia) and scrapbook paper i had on hand, and full sized clothespins because they were already in the house. i think they are too heavy and forced me to not "drape" the banner as much as i would've liked, but this is about being thankful. not perfect.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the greek olympics

In 3rd grade in a classical education the students study the history of the Roman and Greek empires. At Providence Hall last year the 3rd grade had a greek olympic day. the rest of the school thought it looked like such fun they wanted to join this time!

the morning started with pita and honey and opening ceremonies. shortly after they
"let the games begin!"
3rd grade boys foot race (with noah as their biggest cheerleader on the sideline)

there were chariot races, discus throws, and javelin competitions.

after a morning full of activity the 3rd graders got to have a special greek feast...

beautiful decor, laurel crowns, and greek costumes awaited the students
Mr. Broughton and the third grade class
Ari and the other two warriors
the children and parents feasted on gyros, hummus, tabbouleh, pita, and of course baklava! it was a very fun and memorable day in the life of my little greek olympian.