Thursday, October 13, 2011


the morning of his 5th birthday noah woke up declaring..."I'm almost SIX!"

well, turns out, he was right. didn't he just turn four? today he really IS six and i am in disbelief. i am still in shock and a bit of denial, but the show must go on! there were birthday treats to make...
(i love these cuz they're easy. cheap. small. and not messy. yes, yes, the teachers love me. you just stab a marshmallow with a Popsicle stick, dip the top in melted chocolate and dip it in a pile of sprinkles-like these easter ones i go on clearance:) i put a sandwich baggie over top and tied with a few inches of curling ribbon. looks much fancier than they are and are the perfect little sweet)
Noah was the "star" at his birthday celebration
at noah's school the birthday child gets to hold the earth and orbit the sun. each time they make a revolution the teacher marks that birthday and tells some things that happened that year in the child's life. i love this part, and as you can imagine, noah loved a story entirely "revolving" around HIM!

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Tonya said...

What a fun school birthday celebration! :)