Monday, October 31, 2011

good thing we've got a costume trunk

what a week! wednesday night was a halloween party with all our mommy friends. i took a dueling pair-obi wan kenobi and darth vader...
as well as this adorable turtle i found crawling across the porch
sunday night we suited up again for the fall festival at church where baby turtle had his first hay rideearly this morning was the costume parade at noah's school where he donned a casady baseball uniform, cleats and all. mr. turtle decided to hitch a ride with me again. he's kind of growing on me.
but wait! just as i began to like that little shelled creature i traded him in for a little air freshener. when a friend offered to lend this to me, how could i refuse? it just wouldn't be fair to deprive you all of this sight.
evergreen fresh was joined by captain america, obi wan kenobi, and the rest of the crew you see here as we roamed the neighborhood tonight. i think the festivities have officially ended. until next year.

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Jeana said...

I love dress up! Costume trunks are must-haves for kids, I think.