Friday, October 21, 2011

birthday shirt

remember how we take pictures of the boys in sonny's shirts each year on their birthday? so cool, right? well, except for last year when pregnancy brain ruled and i totally kept forgetting to do it? tell me it won't matter if there are only 17 pictures instead of 18. they don't really need to know their fifth and eighth birthdays, right?

o.k. on to the show...
Noah, age six
Noah, age three
(aaaaaghhhh....he was a beeeeaaaaaby!!!!)

Ari, age nine

Ari, age six


Becky said...

at least you remembered and did it- I give you lots of credit- can't wait to see what shirt Judah will wear in January :)

darbishar said...

It's crazy to see how much they have grown! Do you already have a shirt picked out for Judah?

Jeannette said...!!!! these are adorable :) Look at their little baby faces. your little men are growing right up! cant' wait to see Judah in one of Sonny's shirts :)