Monday, October 31, 2011

good thing we've got a costume trunk

what a week! wednesday night was a halloween party with all our mommy friends. i took a dueling pair-obi wan kenobi and darth vader...
as well as this adorable turtle i found crawling across the porch
sunday night we suited up again for the fall festival at church where baby turtle had his first hay rideearly this morning was the costume parade at noah's school where he donned a casady baseball uniform, cleats and all. mr. turtle decided to hitch a ride with me again. he's kind of growing on me.
but wait! just as i began to like that little shelled creature i traded him in for a little air freshener. when a friend offered to lend this to me, how could i refuse? it just wouldn't be fair to deprive you all of this sight.
evergreen fresh was joined by captain america, obi wan kenobi, and the rest of the crew you see here as we roamed the neighborhood tonight. i think the festivities have officially ended. until next year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

birthday shirt

remember how we take pictures of the boys in sonny's shirts each year on their birthday? so cool, right? well, except for last year when pregnancy brain ruled and i totally kept forgetting to do it? tell me it won't matter if there are only 17 pictures instead of 18. they don't really need to know their fifth and eighth birthdays, right?

o.k. on to the show...
Noah, age six
Noah, age three
(aaaaaghhhh....he was a beeeeaaaaaby!!!!)

Ari, age nine

Ari, age six

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

nine months

o.k. so this is getting ridiculous. i know. my boys are growing up so quickly and it's all i can do to keep up with the blog posts about their aging.
amidst the big year celebrations of Ari and Noah this past week Judah decided to eek in a nine-month birthday as well. in honor of the big day he began waving.
yes. on the day. started waving. out of the blue. at appropriate times.
see for yourself. it's terrible.
the kid has no teeth. doesn't sleep more than a few hours at a time. doesn't eat anything thicker than milk. but the boy can wave on cue.

Monday, October 17, 2011


it doesn't seem fair that i have to adjust to the rapid aging of my older boys in the same week. within the span of four days one son turned 6 (1/3 of the way out of the house) and the other 9 (1/2 way to move out day). it's been rough, but we've covered it with lots of ice cream and singing so i don't have to think of it too much.

Ari chose pops on route 66 to celebrate his milestone. true to its name there is a GIANT bottle of pop out front...

speaking of GIANT, Ari ordered a chocolate chip cookie and was surprised to see it's size
when our server heard us talking about the boys' birthdays he asked if he could "hook noah up" with extra toppings for his single vanilla scoop. when we said sure we were not envisioning this...
SIX cherries for his six years.

we did pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and rolled in sprinkles as Ari's treat for school. when i picked him up at the end of the day the teacher shared how much the kids loved the snack and he thanked me specifically for how "unmessy" they were...always want to get points with the teacher:)
because i like you, i thought i'd let you in on the secret.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


in third grade at Ari's school their literature unit is the chronicles of narnia by c.s. lewis. the second book is the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. when each member of the class has completed that book they have a special day where everyone gets to "enter the wardrobe".

Ari getting into his costume and has his sword ready for battle in narnia.
(mocking Lucy) "Find any new countries in the cupboard lately?" Edmund Pevensie
"If the witch understood the true meaning of sacrifice, she might have interpreted the Deep Magic differently, for when a willing victim who has committed no treachery, dies in a traitor’s stead, the stone table will crack and even death itself will turn backwards." Aslan, King of Narnia

Mr. Broughton's 3rd grade, 2001-2012

"Welcome Peter, son of Adam. Welcome Susan and Lucy, daughters of Eve." Aslan

Thursday, October 13, 2011


the morning of his 5th birthday noah woke up declaring..."I'm almost SIX!"

well, turns out, he was right. didn't he just turn four? today he really IS six and i am in disbelief. i am still in shock and a bit of denial, but the show must go on! there were birthday treats to make...
(i love these cuz they're easy. cheap. small. and not messy. yes, yes, the teachers love me. you just stab a marshmallow with a Popsicle stick, dip the top in melted chocolate and dip it in a pile of sprinkles-like these easter ones i go on clearance:) i put a sandwich baggie over top and tied with a few inches of curling ribbon. looks much fancier than they are and are the perfect little sweet)
Noah was the "star" at his birthday celebration
at noah's school the birthday child gets to hold the earth and orbit the sun. each time they make a revolution the teacher marks that birthday and tells some things that happened that year in the child's life. i love this part, and as you can imagine, noah loved a story entirely "revolving" around HIM!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how sweet

last night my love and i got to go on a date. how sweet it was. thanks to the generosity of my mom we were able to steal away alone. without kids.

we ate. we talked. i sipped diet coke while talking uninterrupted to my favorite person on the planet.
like i said. very sweet. we talked of our past. dreamed of our future. celebrated the gifts we've been given.

then....this arrived. it is called the great wall of chocolate. it was very, VERY sweet.
we both slid our forks through the creamy chocolate, moist cake, and then drenched it in the rasberry sauce. as it passed our lips we smiled. was so good.
sonny looked at me and said

"this is so good.
to remind us that God is good."

i let that soak in. so true. so sweet.

then i was transported to 1997. i remembered a young sonny. a young me. we were in a meeting of a team of college students who would go love on kids each wednesday night in a poor part of town filled with immigrants. when we pulled in with our 15 passenger van we were swarmed with children shouting with delight. we would be armed with candy. dulces. sweets.

during this meeting one of the team members was arguing that we shouldn't pass out candy anymore. it was unhealthy. full of sugar. and it made the kids hyper. i was beginning to be swayed by her polished points, although i felt disappointed. at that moment sonny piped in. he said it was jewish tradition to read the precepts of God to their children while putting drops of honey on their tongues. the ways of the Lord are delightful. they bring life. they are sweet. should we not do the same as we bring the love of God to these children?

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
psalm 119:103

needless to say, i was in love. it would be years before we would start dating or talk of marriage, but i knew i wanted to share my life with this man. spending last night with him, like every night with him, was absolutely...sweet.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

happy birthday!

when thinking about celebrating ari and noah's birthdays this year sonny suggested something with bikes. the boys have really taken off on their bikes this year and i loved the idea that included getting all our friends out on their bikes, scooters, wagons...any type of wheels! the idea was born.
this was my inspiration...

red and white cupcakes

red and white banner
red and white water to hydrate our riders

red and white treats to fill bags and take home
red and white water bottles to thank our guests and help keep them rollin in future rides
our friends were so generous and thoughtful
it was hard to get anyone to be still long enough to take a picture
some of us were plumb tuckered out from all that wheelin'
happy (6th) birthday noah and (9th) birthday ari!!