Saturday, September 10, 2011

hooked on the brothers

we were invited to a puppet themed birthday party today. you could make a puppet to be entered in the puppet parade and contest. the boys chose to do the mario brothers.
i don't do things like this with them often, because all i can see is the mess. each moment there is a new item out of place, needing to be put away, potentially going to spill.
when i see those things my blood pressure goes up, my patience goes down and i can no longer see my children. my anxiety takes over and i start becoming a mouth barking orders. not a mother.
i start seeing my children as only mess makers. as only reluctant cleaner-uppers. i lose all humanity in those moments.
mine. and theirs.
i've started a secret challenge to myself. i want to look my children in the eyes. it's sad to realize how many minutes and hours i can go without actually doing that. i can feed, clothe, bathe, instruct, and read to them without ever making real eye contact. the moment that i pause and do just that, humanity floods in. they are again people. my people. my babies. i don't bark at my babies. i relate to them. i SEE them. not the mess. not the work it will cause me. just them.

p.s. my babies won in the "funniest puppet" category. a memory that will last much longer than the glue that is now stuck in my carpet.


Kami said...

Thanks for sharing this, Krystal. I so can relate to you and I needed to hear this. I like that challenge, to look your kids in the eyes more. It is amazing how little we can do this.

Liz said...

Their puppets were awesome, and you know I am right there with you on all that! Thanks for the reminder!

Christa Forsythe said...

Ah... so true... yesterday after Ethan rubbed his dirty shoe on the back of my brand new, clean white ... I had to remind myself that he was more important than clothes... but sometimes there are moments when getting to that perspective is difficult ... It is hard being a momma... that is for sure!

Andrea Bernard said...

I hear you! I have to continually work at NOT multi-tasking when I should be fully present with the kids... It seems sad, but I have to PLAN to set aside special "kid-time" in the schedule.

The to do list is so often longer and more immediately urgent than the to BE list, but so much less important. Lord, I need Your Grace to embrace every moment with my family as a gift, and Your Mercy to be a blessing in the moment!!