Wednesday, September 14, 2011

eight months

EIGHT months? eight months. sounds soooo much older than seven. eight is pushing nine. nine is pushing a year. and well, you know how it goes.

judah has officially gone mobile. the baby gate is up, the choking hazards are up high, and watch your step...he's probably underfoot.

interestingly, the things that cause him to move the quickest, groan the loudest, and crawl with most intensity are the things ari and noah find most important. i don't know how he knows already. but, he knows.

is that a star wars light saber, you say?
yes. yes it is.

is that an adorable little baby, you ask?
no. there you would be wrong. this is a young jedi knight. ready for battle.
when you use the force, you have no need for walking.


Tonya said...

hee hee, you are a great writer of blog posts lady! :)

Becky said...

Too cute- They definitely loose their baby look and once they are mobile- watch out!! They have a whole new world to explore! Enjoy this stage too because all too quickly he will be off to school- at least that's the way I feel with Josiah right now too!

Anonymous said...

It's whole new dimension to parenting...babies and older kids at the same time. It makes for new challenges, but also new laughs as well. There is also no greater joy than seeing an older child interact with the baby in the family...I love it! :) It's one thing you miss out on if you keep your family size small in #. So, when's #4 coming? LOL! :)