Monday, July 18, 2011

six months

judah celebrated his six month birthday while we were in michigan. he swang for the first time and was delighted...thankfully carissa thought pushing him was the bees knees.
he snuggled with auntie kim...even at 3 a.m. when mommy collapsed from exhaustion
and played with opa, the one who share's his middle name

when sonny returned from uganda he was mesmerized by the change in our little guy. he was still adorable. still covered in chubs. still lit up with smiles. but now, he's a little person. he's exerting his will. he's grabbing and causing women everywhere to remove necklaces and earrings in fear. men with goatees (like daddy) are not so lucky. he's reaching in earnest for food and especially cups with straws (like 44 oz. diet cokes).

the best part of this significant growth is how interactive he is. judah has always been a "people person" but his skills just keep improving. judah makes you feel like you're the most important, interesting, and hilarious person on the planet. he has nowhere else to be, nothing he's formulating in his mind to say, no distraction. just being with you. and smiling. and on those special occasions, laughing all the way from his big belly.

i want to be more like judah.

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Denee said...

I want to be more like Judah too!