Tuesday, July 19, 2011


driving through the little part of town where i grew up i started pointing out things to the boys. my parents live in another part of town now so they don't get to see my stomping grounds much.

me: look boys! there's my school where i went when i was your age.
boys: cool!
me: oh, wow. there's my junior high and across the street is my high school. hmm...looks the same.
noah: you went there?
me: yup. oh, and up ahead is the arby's where mommy worked! yey!!
ari: mom...this is like....."you-town"


Becky said...

So glad the boys could enjoy "you-town" We have to agree that little stretch of 68th Street was our life for so many years!

Carolyn said...

Ha ha. So funny.