Sunday, July 24, 2011

goodbye dear friend

before sonny left for uganda i got the dreaded call. "i've been in an accident". he was alright and that's all i cared about. he said he thought our corrolla was totaled, but i thought...."how bad can it be?"

he limped our girl home and then i saw. airbags deployed, windshield shattered, and headlight dangling. then it hit me. my love could've been seriously hurt. i could've been driving to the hospital right now. tears sprang up and my throat got that tight feeling.

i hugged him. then i looked again. memories started playing in the screen of my mind. the day we bought that car. so young. so intoxicatingly in love. sonny's birthday. one month into marriage. we were so proud. a new car. wow. we talked so many hours in that car. we had no tv that first year so long drives throughout the beauty of the pacific northwest were our entertainment. we talked of our future. of children. decided on the name ariel for our first son. sonny told me how this car would last for years. how we'd take such good care of it that it could last 15-20 years. really? i said. so "Ari" (it felt so weird to say that name) could learn to drive on it?

when that amazing day came and "Ari" was a reality, not just a dream, i sat in the backseat holding the infant carrier we had so carefully strapped in, as if my hands could somehow protect him. sonny drove slower and with more anger at other drivers than i had ever witnessed. we need one of those "baby on board" signs, he huffed. who was this man?

the car came with us to california. served us well there and brought home another baby. this one gave us just an hour's notice. the corrolla was waiting and we hopped in and now strapped another baby in that back seat. this time i stayed in the front. we were experienced now.

when we moved back to oregon she came back with us. she made the trek back to california many times as we worked out the last six months of noah's adoption. she drove us to the courthouse on that special day when it was finalized. and then drove us back and was right at home in the constant drizzle that is portland.

then we moved to oklahoma and again the corolla came along. she was our only vehicle until just recently. even when the door handle broke and you had to roll down the window to open the door from the outside, i still viewed her as our "new car".

she was part of the family. from the start. and she was supposed to be with us longer. everywhere we had been as a family, she had escorted us there. she had witnessed so many special event, and the every day. she was still running great and by every prediction would've been a perfect learning car for Ari. her time with us was cut short and as the man in the tow truck dragged her away i could only be thankful. it's been such a wonderful ride.

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Liz said...

I felt the exact same way when we had to trash our old big screen.