Wednesday, July 20, 2011

getting "the shoe"

remember how we celebrate sinterklaas day? well, central to our celebration is "the shoe". we each have a dutch wooden shoe with our name on it. we use them to hold small gifts that traditionally were thrown down the chimney and landed in drying shoes (and socks=stockings). with our new addition to the family we had to make a trip to holland, michigan to the only wooden shoe factory in the country. judah couldn't officially be a part of the family until he had "his shoe".
judah trying on a pair-blonde and chubby like any good little dutch boy

noah trying on a little larger pair-they have these XL shoes, shoes sized for barbie, and every size in between
the artist burning the name onto "the shoe", making it one of a kind

welcome to the family, judah!

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Tonya said...

That is so neat, I love your family traditions, they are so fun. :)