Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weigh in wednesday week 2

hello friends! many of you who read this blog will be a bit confused by this post. i am hosting this week for my friend jeana who is on vacation and can't get to a computer. i am part of an online group of friends who have committed to working on their food issues and as part of coming out of the darkness, have chosen to post our weight each week on jeana's blog. i must admit, when i first saw jeana doing this i did not see how posting on a blog would be beneficial in losing weight. there is no plan, no calorie count, exercise chart, points, or competition. it's just whoever, saying whatever, about their weight loss journey.

much to my surprise this group has been incredibly helpful to me. i'm not intimidated by the accountability of it, because that's not really a factor. like i said, no competition, no judgement, just listening ears and grace. i think what is so effective is the "journaling" of my thoughts. knowing someone will read them encourages and motivates me to write them down. and in the writing, i process. and in the processing, i learn. i also learn from reading the processes of the other women. not necessarily weight loss "tips", but i learn from their transparency. from their struggles. i know there is no plan, program, or regiment out there that will magically take off and keep off weight (i've tried a lot of them, and as oprah says, if there was a program or a pill, at whatever cost, she would have gotten it). i must do the work. not just the physical work. but, the emotional work.

this time around has been different. and it has to be. or i will gain all the weight back. cuz every other time i have. although i'm very excited about the numbers on the scale going down at an unprecedented rate for me, i'm truly more thrilled at how very different things are this time. it gives me hope. maybe things have changed. maybe i am changing.

so, welcome, weigh in wednesday ladies! so glad you are "here". i truly could not do this without you.

starting weight: 244
last week's weight: 213
today's weight: 212
weight loss: -1
total weight loss: 32


Tonya said...

AWESOME!!! Way to go! I knew you looked like you had lost quite a bit of weight. I'm so proud of you, keep up the good work. It's such a tough process, I know because I am also in the thick of trying to change and keep the weight off. it's hard.

And we are at the same place. I started at 230 in January, and lost 20 lbs to get at 210, but have crept back up to 212. Which scares me, even though it is only 2 lbs. It's so hard to lose and so easy to gain, and I have to try to find some balance.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Denee Longan said...

Thanks for hosting, Kristal!

Starting weight: 197.2
Last week's weight: 196.2
This week's weight: 191.4
Weight lost: 4.8

Something has seemed to click in my body this week!! I'm not counting calories, but am eating according to hunger, along the Paleo guidelines. I'm also working out 6 days per week, and 3 of those are strength workouts. It's hard for me to be so dedicated each day to working out, but I'm seeing such drastic results so quickly that it keeps me motivated. The biggest thing I noticed this week was my lack of stomach. I've had a roll for a while now, which is mostly due to something going wrong in my digestion, I think. Through several dietary changes and a couple of supplements, it has gone down to where I'm surprised many times throughout the day at my lack of pooch! Woohoooo!!

I hope this week is great for you all too!

C and G said...

Wow, nice work!!! It is such a great feeling when things click in our bodies!!!

1/15/11: 227
Last week: 191.8
Today: 190.2
Weight lost this week: 1.6

I'm so grateful for a loss . . . . it feels like it has been a long time coming. I decided to switch things up a little bit exercise wise and I'm hoping that will pay off here soon. i did a GI Panel here recently and got the results back the other day and they showed positive for gluten and milk protein allergies. I've been off gluten for 5 months and my numbers were still really high which is crazy to me. I've always had a problem w/ dairy but I think that the symptoms changed as I got older. When I get back from Spokane (leaving in a couple minutes) on Monday I will be doing a few things to clean up my gut and reduce the inflammation. Shouldn't be too different from what I'm already doing eating wise so hopefully it will go well.

Thanks for hosting Kristal!!!

Kristal Sawyer said...

Way to go ladies!!!

This week was okay...I had days when I ate great, eating in moderation and trying to stop when I was full. But then there was yesterday - I ate way too many things with sugar and gave in to a delicious pie with ice cream in the evening while out with a friend. Ugh. Not worth it. But, today's a new day. And it's a new week. Praying for strength and guidance in my food choices this week, for me, and for you all!

starting weight (1/3/11): 193.6
last week's weight: 185.4 lbs
today's weight: 185
weight lost this week: 0.4 lbs
total weight lost: 8.6 lbs

Alison said...

Last week: 140.4
This week: 137.8
Weight lost: 2.6

Had a good week. Still haven't had any Diet Dr Pepper! It's been two full weeks now.

And Denee, what you said about your tummy -- that is so true of Paleo. We've been Paleo for over a year now and I can totally tell a difference when I eat something non paleo. I've found that if I just hit the water pretty hard, it resolves itself completely by the next day.

Denee Longan said...

Yay, everyone!!

Alison, I've done Paleo before, but never without nuts & seeds. This time I'm going without, and I really think that's making the difference for me. It's hard sometimes to think of portable snacky foods, but I honestly don't snack much at all, since I'm so sustained from my meals. And I really like not thinking about food between meals. Keeps my mind more on what I'm doing.

Christa Forsythe said...

I forgot to post yesterday!

last week 156.6
this week 157.6