Saturday, June 18, 2011

summer present and summer past

the boys have been delighting in this new toy. take a big beach ball, shoot water through it, and add a trampoline and you've got a hit! i love seeing them play and as i watch i remember summers past (in other hot climates)...
Ari, age 3
bakersfield, CA

i distinctly remember that summer. the friends' home. the birthday we were celebrating. and i remember thinking this is my life. this is how it is. this is how it will be. always. oh how i see things differently now. my little ones do not stay little. new members join our family. husband's get jobs in new states. things change. i change. what can i appreciate today that may not be here tomorrow? what will i look back on from this point in my life with an ache, a longing to return to it? may i drink it in this time around. for the next time i see a little tykes sprinkler ball my little ones may be applying for their driver's license,
studying at some far-away college, or getting it out for their own children to play with.

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Christa Forsythe said...

Hum... in random ways I have been thinking about this too. Longing for how things were, trying to embrace the new and wondering if it is even worth it - because will it be taken away too... this summer we are living in temporary housing... I asked Micah the other day... shouldn't we live all life as though it were temporary... and how do you juggle that and ENJOYING the here and now... with that huge ache of what is to come ;o)

Think I want to go give my kiddos a huge squeeze right now... and enjoy their essence before they grow out of it... happens way to fast!

Love you!