Thursday, June 9, 2011


"there was nothing. and then there was food!"

gardens are supposed to be work. i get it. you've got to till, plant, fertilize, water. you've got to watch out for animals, bugs, and diseases. you need to plan. you need to monitor. yeah, like i said. work.

i gotta tell you, though. this garden. this garden has had enough adversity to overcome to make it's own hallmark movie. this poor thing has endured tornado like winds coming from every direction, rains so torrential they flooded the streets, hail the size of quarters, and all this occurred multiple times within the first few tender weeks of its life. this is the stuff that would challenge even pa ingalls and drive caroline to her knees in prayer. and they were seasoned farmers. this is sonny's very first time.

i am so proud of all the love, attention, and time he has invested into this growth. it is a striking metaphor for life. the growth and healing that is so difficult and the storms that threaten our progress. it is a fight. it is a struggle. it is a journey. i'm so thankful to have a partner who doesn't throw in the towel at the first sign of rain. or difficulty. he's in for the long haul (and let me just say, hauling me can be a challenge).
although there have been moments i've been jealous of this new love interest in his life, how beautiful it is to know, and to see the dedication and care he expresses in the garden and know he expresses tenfold to me.


Christa Forsythe said...

Gardening is a beautiful things... can't tell you how many lessons God as taught me while I was ON MY KNEES weeding and digging out weeds! Amazing how many metaphors plants/gardens carry... fun for Sonny... and or you as you get to eat the harvest!

Tonya said...

What a great post!! Very insightful, thanks for sharing. tell sonny congrats on his green thumb,he is doing a wonderful job! And it will be so great to have garden fresh veggies this summer!! :)

Kami said...

Beautiful Krystal. We just planted a garden and I am also learning a lot about...well life. And when it rains instead of complaining like most Seattle people I've learned to see this as a necessity for our garden. A good thing.