Thursday, June 30, 2011

queen elizabeth park

this is the view from sonny's safari vehicle today

Monday, June 27, 2011

bible study

Ari came running into my room the other night shouting with excitement..."mom! mom! look, look! the Bible says the word....JUDAH!! LOOK!"
after this exciting discovery he asked if he could read the whole chapter to us. it was the beginning of Moses' story in exodus and it was describing the killing of the israelite babies. we talked about how we'd heard something like this before...when Jesus was a baby.

noah piped up and explained "um, it was Goliath who said to kill all the baby Israelite boys and that's why Joshua had to fight the battle of Jericho."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

UGANDA: update

the uganda guys made it to their final destination. FINALLY! it took three days of travel to get to the remote school where they'll be serving.
i've gotten to instant message a few times with sonny, although communication has been sparse. the things he has seen in just his short time in uganda have changed him already. he said i would be dehydrated from all the tears of deep sadness and tears of unbelievable joy that i would shed. he said those are the extremes you encounter there.
i will continue to update you and appreciate your prayers for him and those of you who have expressed thoughts and prayers for us as we live with such a hole in our family. thank you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

please, sir, may i have some more?

hmmm...what's this?

hey! bring that spoon back here!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


yesterday, before dawn, my husband and three high school boys left for dallas, then flew to houston, and then houston to dubai, UAE. sometime today they will land at their final destination...UGANDA. while there, the boys will be working to assist a school, get a computer lab up and running, and throw a feast of beef for those who rarely have the luxury of eating meat. all the while, they will be filming, interviewing, and journaling to create a documentary upon their return to the states. you can follow their adventures at and click on the "blog" tab.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weigh in wednesday week 2

hello friends! many of you who read this blog will be a bit confused by this post. i am hosting this week for my friend jeana who is on vacation and can't get to a computer. i am part of an online group of friends who have committed to working on their food issues and as part of coming out of the darkness, have chosen to post our weight each week on jeana's blog. i must admit, when i first saw jeana doing this i did not see how posting on a blog would be beneficial in losing weight. there is no plan, no calorie count, exercise chart, points, or competition. it's just whoever, saying whatever, about their weight loss journey.

much to my surprise this group has been incredibly helpful to me. i'm not intimidated by the accountability of it, because that's not really a factor. like i said, no competition, no judgement, just listening ears and grace. i think what is so effective is the "journaling" of my thoughts. knowing someone will read them encourages and motivates me to write them down. and in the writing, i process. and in the processing, i learn. i also learn from reading the processes of the other women. not necessarily weight loss "tips", but i learn from their transparency. from their struggles. i know there is no plan, program, or regiment out there that will magically take off and keep off weight (i've tried a lot of them, and as oprah says, if there was a program or a pill, at whatever cost, she would have gotten it). i must do the work. not just the physical work. but, the emotional work.

this time around has been different. and it has to be. or i will gain all the weight back. cuz every other time i have. although i'm very excited about the numbers on the scale going down at an unprecedented rate for me, i'm truly more thrilled at how very different things are this time. it gives me hope. maybe things have changed. maybe i am changing.

so, welcome, weigh in wednesday ladies! so glad you are "here". i truly could not do this without you.

starting weight: 244
last week's weight: 213
today's weight: 212
weight loss: -1
total weight loss: 32

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


after dozens of hours of preparation, multiple rounds of vaccinations and malaria pills, passport issues, purchasing of the vest, the pants, the hat, finding the right water purification methods, acquiring and setting up enough video equipment to make a top rate documentary, several international calls, and hundreds of domestic ones, my love leaves on a jet plane. final destination: Uganda, Africa.
although this is an experience of a lifetime, involves lots of cool stuff, and you probably want to hear about it...i'm having trouble thinking about anything besides how very much, how incredibly deeply, how painfully
i miss him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

summer present and summer past

the boys have been delighting in this new toy. take a big beach ball, shoot water through it, and add a trampoline and you've got a hit! i love seeing them play and as i watch i remember summers past (in other hot climates)...
Ari, age 3
bakersfield, CA

i distinctly remember that summer. the friends' home. the birthday we were celebrating. and i remember thinking this is my life. this is how it is. this is how it will be. always. oh how i see things differently now. my little ones do not stay little. new members join our family. husband's get jobs in new states. things change. i change. what can i appreciate today that may not be here tomorrow? what will i look back on from this point in my life with an ache, a longing to return to it? may i drink it in this time around. for the next time i see a little tykes sprinkler ball my little ones may be applying for their driver's license,
studying at some far-away college, or getting it out for their own children to play with.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


isn't it interesting that home is not a location. not an address. more than a place; it is a feeling. and that feeling comes from people. people that may or may not be related to you by blood. but family nonetheless.
we experienced home this past weekend when two friends gave of their time and resources to come to oklahoma (never thought they'd visit there!) and just be with us. just being people who knew us "back when" and who still love us. who love our children just because they're ours.
ernest and judah

ernest, ari, ronnie, and noah with their sonic happy hour drinks
ronnie won the boys over immediately by joining them on the trampoline

sonny shows love by preparing fare for the grilli wait with judah to "get our grubs on"
the picture of my husband's hospitality
most guys like to have a beverage, watch a game, but these guys are a bit more creative. they make a movie when they get together. the "boys" in their "costumes" to go out and film all over okc.

thank you ernest and ronnie for bringing "home" to our home!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

five months

i'll let judah tell you how he's doing...

Thursday, June 9, 2011


"there was nothing. and then there was food!"

gardens are supposed to be work. i get it. you've got to till, plant, fertilize, water. you've got to watch out for animals, bugs, and diseases. you need to plan. you need to monitor. yeah, like i said. work.

i gotta tell you, though. this garden. this garden has had enough adversity to overcome to make it's own hallmark movie. this poor thing has endured tornado like winds coming from every direction, rains so torrential they flooded the streets, hail the size of quarters, and all this occurred multiple times within the first few tender weeks of its life. this is the stuff that would challenge even pa ingalls and drive caroline to her knees in prayer. and they were seasoned farmers. this is sonny's very first time.

i am so proud of all the love, attention, and time he has invested into this growth. it is a striking metaphor for life. the growth and healing that is so difficult and the storms that threaten our progress. it is a fight. it is a struggle. it is a journey. i'm so thankful to have a partner who doesn't throw in the towel at the first sign of rain. or difficulty. he's in for the long haul (and let me just say, hauling me can be a challenge).
although there have been moments i've been jealous of this new love interest in his life, how beautiful it is to know, and to see the dedication and care he expresses in the garden and know he expresses tenfold to me.