Tuesday, May 17, 2011

four months

photo courtesy of nicolette blizzard

four months! four months? all the older ladies who stop me in the grocery store and plead with me to enjoy this time because it goes so. very. fast. are not realizing that i get it! i really do. this time around i am cherishing every moment, every stage because it has already flown by and judah is officially on his way to independence. he doesn't like to recline, he wants to see everything. he goes longer between feedings, and prefers his brothers antics to my cuddling. he is reaching for toys and the dr. says he should be rolling over soon! with my first two i was always pushing for the next milestone. i had already made valiant cereal attempts and with judah those things aren't even on my radar. i'm not worried. without my help and encouragement he's managing to develop right on schedule and i'm sure he will keep on growing, learning, and changing completely without my help or my permission.
he weighed in at a measly 18 pounds 3 oz last week at his appointment. this is a huge slowdown in weight gain so at least maybe he can wear the summer clothes i bought him for a few more weeks instead of a few more days. it does still put him at the 97th percentile, though, so we've still got the pudgy thighs (and every other body part).
judah is still a delightful, warm, and ever smiley baby. we are so blessed to have him as a part of our family and i am especially thankful for the perspective God has given me so that i'm enjoying, soaking in, memorizing every precious moment. i know in just a blink of an eye i will be the lady in the grocery store admonishing the new mother and looking longingly at her baby that just a moment ago was the same age as mine.


Kami said...

Yes! I finally get it to! I have the perspective and thankfully I get another child to use it on. I loved your last lube about what happens in a blink of an eye. We all share this journey as mothers.

Becky said...

SO Adorable! Congratulations on hitting the 4 month mark and as you said so much is already happening in their little minds and bodies. He is truly adorable and sounds like a true gift from God! Enjoy these moments- Becky

Tonya said...

I think as a mother of multiple children we get it more than people realize, just how fast it all goes by. Sometimes I look at Bourbon and just think, how in the world did he get to be 12 in a blink of an eye?! I too took it much slower with Starla, and was in no hurry for her to reach her milestones, but of course she did it much quicker than I wanted her to. :) Thanks for sharing this! :)