Saturday, April 30, 2011


as i fold and put away my husband's clothes i often think...what would it be like to open my drawer or my closet and find clothes clean and right at my finger tips? when i restock his tolietries i wonder to would it feel to squeeze the last out of my toothpaste tube and the next morning find a full tube of my favorite brand in my vanity without even a word said? sometimes, i must admit, i feel a bit jealous and even resentful during my wonderings.

then, yesterday, i went online to our bank account to see if a check had cleared. there was a direct deposit of my husband's paycheck. i thought to myself....i wonder what it would be like to open my checking account and see a bunch of money just "appear". enough money to meet all my needs for the month. what must it feel like to go to the grocery store or walk the aisles of target and get what our family needs and then go to the checkout and take out a "magic" card, swipe it and the cashier let you take all your items home. without as much as a single word, it was just all taken care of.

oh, wait. i don't have to imagine how that would feel. i feel it. i live it. every day.

thanks be to God for all the time, energy, and very hard work my husband does to earn that paycheck...and does so humbly and generously, that i don't. even. notice.


Bonnie Lock said...

Love this post Kristal. How very true.

Tonya said...

Thanks for this reminder, sometimes we forget about those taking care of us, when we are taking care of others. :)

Andrea Bernard said...

Well put and a great reminder. Thanks!

Jeannette said...

You so encourage my heart!!! love you!

Lisa said...

Beautifully said.