Saturday, April 30, 2011


as i fold and put away my husband's clothes i often think...what would it be like to open my drawer or my closet and find clothes clean and right at my finger tips? when i restock his tolietries i wonder to would it feel to squeeze the last out of my toothpaste tube and the next morning find a full tube of my favorite brand in my vanity without even a word said? sometimes, i must admit, i feel a bit jealous and even resentful during my wonderings.

then, yesterday, i went online to our bank account to see if a check had cleared. there was a direct deposit of my husband's paycheck. i thought to myself....i wonder what it would be like to open my checking account and see a bunch of money just "appear". enough money to meet all my needs for the month. what must it feel like to go to the grocery store or walk the aisles of target and get what our family needs and then go to the checkout and take out a "magic" card, swipe it and the cashier let you take all your items home. without as much as a single word, it was just all taken care of.

oh, wait. i don't have to imagine how that would feel. i feel it. i live it. every day.

thanks be to God for all the time, energy, and very hard work my husband does to earn that paycheck...and does so humbly and generously, that i don't. even. notice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

what is there to say?

yes. this is 0ne of those "pictures say a thousand words" type moments. just drink it in for a moment. o.k. have you dabbed the moisture from your eyes or picked yourself up off of the floor from laughter? i think this picture is more than enough for an entire post on its own, but i wanted to tell you what happened when these glasses were first worn.

sonny found these at the "shekel shop" on sunday morning (the place where good little sunday school kids can turn in their "shekels" they earned for little prizes). we were waiting for our food at jason's deli with the after church crowd and he pulled them out. he and noah immediately put them on (ari would not partake in such silliness). i laughed. snapped a picture. and then, didn't really think much about it. in that short amount of time i started to realize we were garnering attention. the people around us were looking. kids were unashamedly staring. adults were "stealing" glimpses and suppressing laughs. if you know my husband, you know this was like pouring gas on a fire. he never took them off. he kept a straight face, ate his food, conversed with us, and just kept wearing those glasses. he then decided to get a drink refill which required a walk all the way through the restaurant and soon the whole place was responding the way our immediate neighbors were. when he stood in line for the softserve people didn't know what to do. he was causing a change in an entire restaurant and he was loving it! how could a little piece of cardboard make such an impact? complete strangers were talking to one another. adults and kids were interacting with laughter and joy. everyone felt a kind of camaraderie and walls were broken down.

the beauty was-sonny never said anything. not a word. people were brought together. smiles were eeked out. memories were made. as i watched all this take place i thought...what a fabulous sunday tradition! we should do this every week! i am on the lookout for ideas (please share if you have one) of things we could do or wear to a public place that would have a similar effect. i think it would be delightful for those around us, but even more, a treasure for our family.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

89er Day

tomorrow is the anniversary of the Oklahoma land run of 1889. ari's school celebrates. in a BIG way. the whole day today was "89er Day". everyone dresses the part and the day is filled with stations where the children make lemonade and biscuits, purchase things at the general store, learn about native american culture, make jewelry, hear stories, watch a rope wrangler, and an authentic native american dance troupe. they also put on a program with dancing, singing, and speaking parts. it was quite a day and it ended with an official "land run" complete with stakes, claims, and certificates of ownership.

with help from friends, we pulled together a great drover outfit for Arii worked the native american room and helped the kids make arrowhead necklaces

even judah got into the spirit of things with his fringed cowboy boots and cowboy getupwanted posters littered the hallways. this "outlaw" said it was "the best day of my life!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

i know how to take care of kids

the only time judah cries is in the car. seriously. doesn't cry. screams in the car. no matter what. the other day noah, judah and i were cruising to the soundtrack of shrill cries and suddenly they stopped! on rare occasions he will give up the fight and fall into insta-sleep. these are precious moments so we do all we can to preserve them. on this particular occasion noah said...

noah: you'll still love me even if i wake up judah, right?!
me: yes, honey. no matter what.
noah: forever?
me: yup.
noah: even when i'm a grown up?
me: definitely.
noah: even when i get married?
me: totally.
noah: even when i have kids?
me: of course! then i can love them too!!
noah: and then when i take my wife to a movie you will baby-sit them... cuz you know how to take care of kids, right?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


for the first 30 years of my life i was deprived of the delights of the restaurant chain-chick-fil-A. i now am a frequent customer and enjoy much more than their yummy food. they truly aim to give you an experience when you are their guest. and that is how they treat you. juggling three kids, a diaper bag, and a baby carrier, this level of service is even more meaningful to me. come to my table and refill my empty diet coke cup and bring it back to me? yes please. come back five minutes later cuz you know i've guzzled the whole 44 ounces already and desperately need more? um, yes. and they even do it without shaming me...i love this place!

Chick-fil-A has a family night ever tuesday and i finally put it on the calendar and we went. it was a "mad science" theme. there were experiments, and
the making of slime. needless to say, it was a big success.

judah even met the chick-fil-A cow...we're grooming him as a fan early:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

special canvas

this was one of my last craft projects before i got sick and i loaded the pictures, but never published this post. i still thought you might be interested cuz it's such a great idea. these were all the rage last year, but i think displaying family rules or values never goes out of style.

i first saw these...

and found the tutorial here.

i love displaying family rules, but we already display a family contract and i was in need of a reminder of how to speak to my children (and foster child at the time) so i tweaked it a bit. i made a canvas the same way, but used phrases from this list-100 ways to praise your kid instead of the traditional "rules".

i found lots of scraps of paper in different prints and went to work. i didn't want to try to stick two pieces next to each other so i just used one strip and then left the rest of the canvas white and embellished with ribbon and paper flowers.

i pass this dozens of times a day and also can see it from my kitchen table. it is a wonderful, and practical reminder of how to start sentences to my kids. sometimes saying "good job!" gets old and may lose a bit of significance, but having these at my "fingertips" has been very helpful.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hip, hip-hazzah!

we went to the medieval fair today. there were knights and ladies, swords and duals, lifesize chess boards with costumed human pieces, and jesters aplenty. the boys took it all in and were loving to wander through this land of king arthur's.

noah chose a turkey leg as his lunch, just like he did two years ago.
this time the leg didn't look quite so big in his hands, and this momma's heart was sad.