Tuesday, March 29, 2011

made with love

here is a little snapshot of how judah looks in his baby sweater knit by my grandma...has come in handy on these last few days of winter weather!

i don't remember my grandma ever just sitting. oh, she sat, of course, but whenever she wasn't cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, or sneaking candy to the grandkids and actually sat down, her knitting needles seemed to magically appear in her hands. within seconds the soothing sound of the needles "click-clicking" would softly fill the room. to this day that sound brings me a sense of peace.
although my grandma made many, many sweaters, booties, blankets, dishcloths and large afghans over the years i never remember her "rushing". she never "stressed out". she truly put love and care into each stitch and looked actually more calm when she finished, not less. i really enjoy making things for other people, but rarely is it a "peaceful" experience. it is filled with expectations, disappointment, frustration, and deadlines. making things is one of the activities that were forced out of my life when i had to cut everything out during pregnancy and the rsv episode. i do miss the creative outlet, but i am NOT missing the stress and strain it put me under. if you need a refresher on simplifying (i never get things the first, second, or twentieth time:) this post is beautiful. i actually felt calmer just reading her list of questions. maybe when i master simplicity and peace in my home i will be able to pick up my "knitting needles" (or cricut, modpodge, paintbrush) and make something with love, rather than with stress.


C and G said...

Could he be any cuter???

What a sweet gift of love!

Liz said...

What a ham! So cute! Once again, great post.

Tonya said...

SOOOOO cute!! He is about the cutest darn thing I have ever seen (just don't tell my kids I said that....;) )

Barb B said...

you said this so well! it's why I knit