Friday, February 18, 2011

peace on earth, part four?

i am so thankful for the wonderfully encouraging responses i got to my last few entries. it is so comforting to know i'm not alone and such a blessing to think that other people want to work on being intentional with their time as well.
my friend jeana wrote a post yesterday about her "to-don't" list. it is a fascinating concept and you can read her thoughts here. it was so healing for me to see this woman that i respect and think is a wonderful mom, fabulous wife, faithful follower of Christ, and very creative generous person actually doesn't "do" it all. wow. really? she DOESN'T make dinner? you have to read it. it spurred all kinds of ideas in me of what i could NOT do. i felt lighter just reading it. i'd love to hear your reactions to her beautiful transparency. thank you, jeana!


C and G said...

Jeana's post was great - and I've loved your posts too! It DEFINITELY is nice to hear about others who struggle with the same thing!

Tonya said...

Thank you so much for sharing the other blog, I really liked her post! And i love your posts too. I want to sit down and figure out what stays and what goes in our crazy chaotic lifestyle in the very near future. It's time for some "spring cleaning" in so many more ways than one. :)

Michaela said...

I want to begin a movement called "Truth in Mothering" where women can be honest with others ...and themselves about how challenging it is to be a 'do it all'.