Monday, February 14, 2011

mommy date

noah and i went to the movies just the two of us this saturday. we saw "gnomeo and juliet" in 3D. we ate popcorn, sipped soda, and laughed at the cheesy humor of the movie. the truth is, it didn't really matter what we did. it was just so special (and so different) to be with only him. i'm sure we all "know" that having one-on-one time with our kids is important, but i had forgotten just how critical it was. i saw noah with completely fresh eyes and was reminded of all the things i love so much about him. he was no longer someone who made messes, bothered the baby, or interrupted my dinner prep. he was the sweet, smiling, object of my affection who i couldn't take my eyes off of.


Becky said...

Thanks for the reminder that we need special one on one time with our other kids even though "baby" seems to NEED our attention. I will try to make that special time with each of them this week thanks to you. Thanks again and looks like you BOTH had a great time.

Tonya said...

Ah, what a sweet post. I Love taking my kids out one on one, but unfortuantely it rarely happens these days. I gotta figure out a way to make sure it happens more often!!