Friday, February 25, 2011

judah update

isn't he DARLING?! o.k. i'm a tad biased, but i just think he's adorable. maybe cuz he slept two four hour stretches last night he's lookin' extra cute to me:)
judah turned six weeks old on wednesday. so many of you have been so kind to ask about him and especially his health. he is doing well, and as you can see...he is feeding WELL. even through our hospital stay and all the chaos, he continued to gain weight. the doctors were surprised, but i wasn't. we just grow big children in my family. judah is no exception.
he weighed in a tiny 7 lbs. 12 oz. at birth. i thought maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be the off the charts sized child we were used to, but after just two weeks i knew that was just a dream. he was 9 lbs. 2 oz. at his two week appointment. at 4 weeks, after his bout with RSV he was 10 lbs. 7 oz. he is now 6 weeks and at this rate i am guessing he is about 12 pounds. he's huge! he's speeding through clothes and is barely fitting into 3 month sized outfits and really the 6 month ones are where he's at.
to gain this much weight, he eats. a lot. and often. this has provided lots of time for snuggling and gazing into his eyes gorgeous blue eyes. this is especially meaningful for me as i struggled so much after my first delivery and wasn't able to enjoy my baby at all. this time around has been incredibly healing and most definitely worth its own blog post.
thanks to all of you who have shown such deep care and love for our precious little one. we are so blessed to be surrounded by you.


Becky said...

Too Cute! He is really "Chunking" out and looking so grown up already. It really goes quick- be sure to enjoy your snuggling time with him and keep the updates/pictures of him coming.

Joanna Panter said...

We are SO THRILLED for you guys. I can't believe how much I can see both you and Sonny in his face! (Usually babies look a little generic this young.) We miss your family!