Saturday, November 27, 2010

trip, part 2

we just pulled into OKC and although i unloaded the car, that's where my motivation ended. i'd much rather share a few pics of our trip on the blog and think about unpacking, laundry, sinterklaas day decorating and gift wrapping later.
we rarely frequent the "token place" (chuck e. cheese's) but whenver we're with oma, we seem to end up there. my kids were thrilled.
i got to connect with my friend jeannette who is so dear to me and just had her fourth baby in october. she was so gracious in hosting not only me, but my boys as well and we even got them all to sit still (minus baby jenna) for a moment.
thanksgiving table before it was filled with all kinds of yum
the activity table with thanksgiving mazes, word searches and other such fun
a stop at cracker barrel as we passed over the border or missouri and oklahoma today. i told the boys they had to rock at least 200 times to get some wiggles out.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

trip, part 1

friday we left okc about 11:30 a.m. and drove to st. louis. we arrived that evening at this old school motel 6 that had an indoor pool to get all the wiggles out from sitting in the car all day.
noah sized pool!
i was awoken at 5:30 a.m. by two very excited boys. no sense in waiting around so we were on the road before 6 a.m.

within 3 minutes of our arrival the next day this was the scene...
cousins on communicating DS games
and noah diving into the "forbidden" sugar cereal that only oma provides
that night ari decided to have cousin derek sleep over, but just in case there was to be an unexpected invasion of girls, they made this sign:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

countdown to christmas

i know it's not even thanksgiving yet, but i'm already thinking advent as it will be right upon us after we return from our trek to michigan. one way we like to celebrate "the coming" (advent) is to read a christmas book each night leading up to the big day.
to add a little bit of fun i wrap each book and number it for the date we will read it. the boys take turns being the "opener" each night.
i put them all in a basket and we're ready for december 1st! if you don't have 24 christmas stories yet why not start giving each of the kids a book for christmas and grow your collection?

Monday, November 8, 2010

oral surgery

noah was such a trooper for his dental reconstructive surgery today. he has high anxiety about things of this nature-routine dental and doctor appointments, haircuts, and other such necessities put him into a high level of panic. this was anything but routine. this involved a hospital, anesthesia, and being without mom. here he is coloring his "your same day surgery" coloring book while we wait in pre-op.
the nurse gave noah a cocktail of valium, benedryl, and demerol, and daddy created this "turkey" from a glove. the combination gave noah quite a fit of giggles and relaxed the situation.
here he is a few minutes before he's wheeled back to surgery. he wasn't very confident when they took him away, but clearly the meds were still having an effect because there wasn't screams of terror. waking up from anesthesia with an IV, nose tube, and sore mouth was not a kodak moment so i don't have it here, but several hours later our vivacious noah is back! thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

in case you needed a smile today...

noah (5): do you think we'll have turkey for thanksgiving?
me: um, yeah. i'm sure oma will have turkey for us to eat.
noah: (gasp! eyes wide open) OMA KNOWS THE INDIANS?!??!

noah (5): how come i don't have school tomorrow?
me: cuz i get to have a special meeting with mr. mcewen to hear how great you're doing in school!
noah: um, it was me who broke the aquarium.

and for those of you who don't facebook this is one of my most popular posts ever...

Kristal Krommendyk Varela

just received a bunch of dora dvds from netflix. didn't order them. checked my queue and saw that my 5 year old had made some selections of his own and we were set to have scooby doo, veggietales, and dora for quite some time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

nesting, part crib

amazing name brand crib at less than half price due to a great friend, FREE adorable, designer, crib bedding from another great friend who ALSO assembled this crib with her own two hands.

if style and love have anything to do with how Judah sleeps, i'm looking forward to lots of 9-10 hour nights of sleep:)