Tuesday, December 7, 2010


our mantel between thanksgiving and sinterklaas day

the real story of "santa". if you'd like to read more see this post from our archives.
our "stockings"
in st. nicholas' time people would leave their socks and shoes by the fire to dry at night and when st. nicholas would drop coins down the chimney to hide his identity they would land in the inhabitants "stockings". if we lived in the netherlands, wooden shoes would be our footwear of choice. we'll need to make a trek to holland, michigan this summer to have one carved and personalized for judah:)


Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I love your thoughts on holidays and how you guys celebrate them. Having a new family makes Micah and I really look at how we want to do the holiday season. You first introduced me to the Jesse tree and this year we are doing that. I LOVE IT! I will have to post pictures of it on my blog sometime. I never commented on your fb page but I bought the nativity scene that you posted about... and got the AMAZING DEAL! I have been looking at kid nativities sets for the past 3 years, but just couldn't dish out the money. 20ish dollars was definitely in my budget! Thanks so much!!! Hugs and love!

Jeannette said...

yes, please please come to holland :)