Thursday, December 16, 2010

a good, clean gift

i love to make my own laundry soap. the first time i heard about it, though, i was intimidated. there were ingredients i didn't know how to acquire, there were quantities that meant i would be committed to this venture more than once, and the whole process just required a bit of initiative that made the bottle of tide on the shelf look really good.
thankfully, i did overcome this and now make my own detergent regularly. when i mention it many of my friends say "i want to try that!", but i think they face the same obstacles i did. i decided for a gift this year i would take away all the reasons not to do it and let them try and see if this is something that works for them.
i gathered the ingredients, grated and measured them into convenient little pouches. see? very un-scary.
then i got a bucket (big enough to make your batch in), printed off the instructions and tossed everything in. i also included a link to the tutorial i always use that has pictures and makes the whole process a lot less intimidating (thanks, jeana!)
then i used my cricut to cut out these letters to cuten up the whole thing a bit and i was done! all my friends need now it a little time and a lot of water and they're on their way to earth-friendly, 1 cent a load, clean smelling laundry!


Melissa said...

I'm going to try mine this weekend! A little scared, but I know it will be great! Thank you SO much!!

Bonnie Lock said...

I know this is silly, but this was one of my favorite gifts this year! I tried it a year ago and it didn't come out right and I've been avoiding trying it again. Now I have no excuse. Thank you again!!!!

Tonya said...

Thank you so much for the work you put into this for us! I am looking forward to trying mine. Starla has so many skin allergies though that I'm a bit scared, we've had to change detergents like 15 times so far in her 4 years of life. :) But maybe this one will be good to her! :)