Saturday, November 27, 2010

trip, part 2

we just pulled into OKC and although i unloaded the car, that's where my motivation ended. i'd much rather share a few pics of our trip on the blog and think about unpacking, laundry, sinterklaas day decorating and gift wrapping later.
we rarely frequent the "token place" (chuck e. cheese's) but whenver we're with oma, we seem to end up there. my kids were thrilled.
i got to connect with my friend jeannette who is so dear to me and just had her fourth baby in october. she was so gracious in hosting not only me, but my boys as well and we even got them all to sit still (minus baby jenna) for a moment.
thanksgiving table before it was filled with all kinds of yum
the activity table with thanksgiving mazes, word searches and other such fun
a stop at cracker barrel as we passed over the border or missouri and oklahoma today. i told the boys they had to rock at least 200 times to get some wiggles out.


Liz said...

Looks great! So glad you're home!

Jeannette said...

so so SO good to see you!!!! can't wait till we can visit you in OKC!!!