Monday, November 8, 2010

oral surgery

noah was such a trooper for his dental reconstructive surgery today. he has high anxiety about things of this nature-routine dental and doctor appointments, haircuts, and other such necessities put him into a high level of panic. this was anything but routine. this involved a hospital, anesthesia, and being without mom. here he is coloring his "your same day surgery" coloring book while we wait in pre-op.
the nurse gave noah a cocktail of valium, benedryl, and demerol, and daddy created this "turkey" from a glove. the combination gave noah quite a fit of giggles and relaxed the situation.
here he is a few minutes before he's wheeled back to surgery. he wasn't very confident when they took him away, but clearly the meds were still having an effect because there wasn't screams of terror. waking up from anesthesia with an IV, nose tube, and sore mouth was not a kodak moment so i don't have it here, but several hours later our vivacious noah is back! thank you for all of your prayers and support.


darbishar said...

I am so glad he is back to normal and done with this whole ordeal :)

Kami said...

Hey Kristal,

Wow, that's a big ordeal for a little guy to go through. I'm so glad everything went smoothly.

Sorry its taking me awhile to respond back to you.

I'm glad you're feeling much better. I wasn't as sick this time as with my last pregnancy. I was thankful for that. The morning sickness was similar to that of the first 3 pregnancies.

It would be so fun to see you guys sometime. I guess you never know!

Tonya said...

Yeah for brave Noah, and brave momma & daddy too!! :) Glad the whole thing is over with.

Liz said...

So glad he made it through all right. Poor little guy. That seems so scary.