Thursday, November 4, 2010

in case you needed a smile today...

noah (5): do you think we'll have turkey for thanksgiving?
me: um, yeah. i'm sure oma will have turkey for us to eat.
noah: (gasp! eyes wide open) OMA KNOWS THE INDIANS?!??!

noah (5): how come i don't have school tomorrow?
me: cuz i get to have a special meeting with mr. mcewen to hear how great you're doing in school!
noah: um, it was me who broke the aquarium.

and for those of you who don't facebook this is one of my most popular posts ever...

Kristal Krommendyk Varela

just received a bunch of dora dvds from netflix. didn't order them. checked my queue and saw that my 5 year old had made some selections of his own and we were set to have scooby doo, veggietales, and dora for quite some time!


sa3k rigterink said...

thanks for the HUGE smile :)
luv u guys!!

darbishar said...