Wednesday, November 17, 2010

countdown to christmas

i know it's not even thanksgiving yet, but i'm already thinking advent as it will be right upon us after we return from our trek to michigan. one way we like to celebrate "the coming" (advent) is to read a christmas book each night leading up to the big day.
to add a little bit of fun i wrap each book and number it for the date we will read it. the boys take turns being the "opener" each night.
i put them all in a basket and we're ready for december 1st! if you don't have 24 christmas stories yet why not start giving each of the kids a book for christmas and grow your collection?


Liz said...

I was just making our advent calendar tonight! I love the book idea. I'll have to find some to throw in ours.

C and G said...

what a cute tradition!

Tonya said...

You know, I think we just might do that this year!! You have the best ideas, thanks so much for sharing!!