Wednesday, October 27, 2010


my friends literally poured, soaked, showered, me with love and support at the most incredible shower i've ever seen. first they chose a theme near and dear to my heart. pumpkin. if you've ever read my blog you know i am in love with pumpkin. pumpkin anything. i even call my kids "pumpkin" as a term of endearment. so, to celebrate my newest little pumpkin they created a whole shower around this wonderful fruit.
better than his name in lights....his name in pumpkins!
this gorgeous pumpkin cake which was pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake inside. delish!! there was also pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin dip with crackers and fruit, pumpkin scones that blow starbucks' out of the water.

then, there were gifts. gifts, and gifts, and more gifts. my friends were so generous and thoughtful. adorable boy clothes, packages upon packages of diapers and wipes, bouncy seat, bath toy organizer, and all sorts of tiny things that really helped me imagine the little one that will soon join our family.
diaper tower with burt's bees bath supplies
then there were the fruits of my friend liz's loving hands. this gorgeous personalized quilt (love!!), a car seat tent, tag blanket, and name plaque all made beautifully just for judah. needless to say i was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for these special ladies that would "shower" me in such a fashion. i am blessed.


Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I love it! So cute and wow you must have felt super loved! I live in a town that only does baby showers for your first child - after that it is on your own. I felt really sad for Eden... not that we didn't get "stuff" or "presents" but that we missed out on the being loved feeling. Yay! for your amazing friends... you are a treasure and I am glad they treat you like that!

Liz said...

Why oh why didn't we get a pic of us together? Halloween better hurry up and get over with b/c I got more crap I want to make for that baby!

Jeannette said...

AMAZING!!! Thankful you are so well loved there is OKC!

Tonya said...

The shower was soo much fun! I'm so glad to be a part of your circle of friends. :)

And Liz has almost made me want to go have another baby just to get her cool ALMOST. :)