Sunday, October 24, 2010

save the earth party

despite many other "awesome" suggestions on my part, ari thought of and stuck to the theme of "save the earth" for his 8th birthday party. this idea pushed my creativity as i am a "master" at copying others brilliant ideas, but there just aren't that many (actually there are none) ideas for this theme. it was fun to try to turn trash to treasure and create a festive atmosphere from it.
here's our tables sporting reusable tablecloths i already owned
the centerpieces using organic milk cartons lovingly saved by friends
the goody bags
"green" cupcakes
"happy birthday" banner made from bubble wrap, cereal boxes, and previously used paper
pompoms made creatively out of newspaper by our friend nicolette
we made earth day necklaces and love our planet keychains
proper attire for the occasion
guests participated in a recycle relay where they took a piece of trash, rolled on a scooter, and deposited it in the recycle bin
party-goers also "saved the earth" by keeping their world balloons in the air while they traveled across the gym
some goody bag fillers...


Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

That looks super fun... what a great idea! I love the creativity that your son expresses (or the ways you express his creativity on this blog!) He sounds like a super awesome kid... a mix of both his parents!

darbishar said...

You did a wonderful job coming up with the ideas all by yourself! We had a great time and loved all the "Earth Love" :)