Tuesday, October 5, 2010

pb and j...hooray!

if you know our family you know we consume peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches at a rate that is freakish. you may remember this post where i show my weekly routine to make dozens of pb&js or maybe this post where i make strawberry jam (nothing yummier in my opinion). well i have now branched out into the world of making peanut butter. we have a very difficult time finding reasonably priced food that is organic or without chemicals here in OKC so i have found great value in making things myself. even if there isn't great monetary savings, i feel much better feeding it to my family. while i used my vitamix, the internet claims you can do the very same thing with your food processor.
three cups of unsalted peanuts. that's it. some recipes call for some oil and maybe a touch of sugar if you like, but really, all you need are the nuts. flip the switch and ...

creamy, yummy, healthy, peanut butter!

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Tonya said...

You rock momma!!