Wednesday, October 27, 2010

halloween week

so halloween is no longer a one night event. we have FOUR festivities this year and the first one was tonight. we were invited to a friends' house for dinner with all kinds of festive treats, games, prizes, and crafts. ari's costume request this year was again a bit of a challenge but he seems pleased with the results...
my friend melissa (host of the party) insisted i would fit in her raggedy ann costume and that i should dress up. i never dress up. but she was so persuasive and i was having a bad hair day so...
noah was dressed as a pirate, although he ditched his sword and hat at the doorway. he won these teeth and thought they were the bees knees.
there was bobbing for apples, decorating pumpkin bags, make your own luminaries, and lots more party activities.
just some of the truly creative and absolutely yummy treats that were available to eat
everyone went home with a basket full of goodies and a pumpkin for each child. wow! it was a great way to begin all of our fall celebrations.


Liz said...

Halloween is taking over our lives this year, isn't it?

Becky said...

I missed the picture of Sonny's Halloween outfit?

Tonya said...

I thought you made a cute Raggedy Ann! So glad you dressed up!

And those Frankenstein pops were SOOOOO yummy!!!! :)

I think all holidays, including birthdays should last a week minimum,....hee hee.