Thursday, October 14, 2010


noah's life was thoroughly celebrated yesterday. his class was very attentive as he showed them how old he was and then the proceeded to walk the earth (ball) around the sun (paper cutout) five times remembering noah's growth each year.
it was then time for snacks! the rice krispie treats were a hit, although the sticks, m &ms, and ribbons turned out to be a distraction and not a whole lot of eating went on, but they definitely had the cool factor.
after daddy and ari got finished with school it was off to red robin. noah got to open gifts from his aunts, uncles, and cousins from out of state and was quite delighted with his "dollars"! my sister kelli also sent a liquid sour candy that sprays from a bottle. um, thanks, kel...that was fun to clean up:)
we finished off the day with cupcakes, candles, and yet another round of "happy birthday". before bed noah asked me one last time for the day..."am i still five, mom?" yes, honey. you are.


sa3k rigterink said...

sounds like a great day! thanks for sharing :)

Tonya said...

SOOOO cute!!! So glad he had a wonderful birthday!