Friday, October 22, 2010


october 20th 2010
ari decided he wanted to be baptized several months ago and was very adamant that he wanted it to be by immersion to symbolize the dying and raising again in Christ.
Father Lock was so gracious to accommodate that request and to walk ari through the symbol of baptism.
Ari with oma and opa after the baptism
Father Lock gave Ari a baptismal candle during the service to represent Christ as light of the world and something he can burn each year on the anniversary of this day. ari really wanted to light it again when he spoke at the reception. (as you'll see in the video the candle wax became a bit of an issue, but still is very meaningful to ari:)


darbishar said...

I am so glad we were able to be there to celebrate such a wonderful day with him. I loved the video :)

Bonnie Lock said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE that video. Ari did such a wonderful job, thank you so much for posting it!!

sa3k rigterink said...

awesome ari we are so proud of u!! Jesus loves u and so do we!!

Tonya said...

What a wonderful day! Ari is such an amazing kid. :)