Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween week continues

here is noah's pre-k class on their ghost and goblin parade (noah is at the end) friday morning
ari's class paraded in the afternoon
saturday night our friends scott and liz had us over for a festive dinner of mummy dogs and
ghosty potatoes
here's our trick-r-treating brood
"look what i got mom!"
sunday night we attended the fall festival at all souls church and this time i brought a doctor and a ninja...anyone need some candy? we have a few extra (hundred) pieces:)

just chillin'

Noah (5): "mom, why aren't we going to church?"

me: "cuz, mommy's just bein' lazy this morning."

Noah (5): "and they don't like lazy girls at church?"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin patch

there have been quite a few "events" in the past week and a half (baptism, birthdays, baby shower, halloween party) so somewhere in the shuffle these pics did not get posted. noah's pre-k class went to the pumpkin patch and asked sonny to be a chaperone. noah thought it was quite cool to ride a school bus, go to the farm, AND have dad there for it all.
i asked sonny to take time out to get some pictures and he did, just for me. love that man.
it got a bit rainy and cold so noah got to wear daddy's big coat
this is the pumpkin sonny was steering noah toward. the one he actually chose is at least 3 times this size:)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

halloween week

so halloween is no longer a one night event. we have FOUR festivities this year and the first one was tonight. we were invited to a friends' house for dinner with all kinds of festive treats, games, prizes, and crafts. ari's costume request this year was again a bit of a challenge but he seems pleased with the results...
my friend melissa (host of the party) insisted i would fit in her raggedy ann costume and that i should dress up. i never dress up. but she was so persuasive and i was having a bad hair day so...
noah was dressed as a pirate, although he ditched his sword and hat at the doorway. he won these teeth and thought they were the bees knees.
there was bobbing for apples, decorating pumpkin bags, make your own luminaries, and lots more party activities.
just some of the truly creative and absolutely yummy treats that were available to eat
everyone went home with a basket full of goodies and a pumpkin for each child. wow! it was a great way to begin all of our fall celebrations.


my friends literally poured, soaked, showered, me with love and support at the most incredible shower i've ever seen. first they chose a theme near and dear to my heart. pumpkin. if you've ever read my blog you know i am in love with pumpkin. pumpkin anything. i even call my kids "pumpkin" as a term of endearment. so, to celebrate my newest little pumpkin they created a whole shower around this wonderful fruit.
better than his name in lights....his name in pumpkins!
this gorgeous pumpkin cake which was pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake inside. delish!! there was also pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin dip with crackers and fruit, pumpkin scones that blow starbucks' out of the water.

then, there were gifts. gifts, and gifts, and more gifts. my friends were so generous and thoughtful. adorable boy clothes, packages upon packages of diapers and wipes, bouncy seat, bath toy organizer, and all sorts of tiny things that really helped me imagine the little one that will soon join our family.
diaper tower with burt's bees bath supplies
then there were the fruits of my friend liz's loving hands. this gorgeous personalized quilt (love!!), a car seat tent, tag blanket, and name plaque all made beautifully just for judah. needless to say i was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for these special ladies that would "shower" me in such a fashion. i am blessed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

save the earth party

despite many other "awesome" suggestions on my part, ari thought of and stuck to the theme of "save the earth" for his 8th birthday party. this idea pushed my creativity as i am a "master" at copying others brilliant ideas, but there just aren't that many (actually there are none) ideas for this theme. it was fun to try to turn trash to treasure and create a festive atmosphere from it.
here's our tables sporting reusable tablecloths i already owned
the centerpieces using organic milk cartons lovingly saved by friends
the goody bags
"green" cupcakes
"happy birthday" banner made from bubble wrap, cereal boxes, and previously used paper
pompoms made creatively out of newspaper by our friend nicolette
we made earth day necklaces and love our planet keychains
proper attire for the occasion
guests participated in a recycle relay where they took a piece of trash, rolled on a scooter, and deposited it in the recycle bin
party-goers also "saved the earth" by keeping their world balloons in the air while they traveled across the gym
some goody bag fillers...

Friday, October 22, 2010


october 20th 2010
ari decided he wanted to be baptized several months ago and was very adamant that he wanted it to be by immersion to symbolize the dying and raising again in Christ.
Father Lock was so gracious to accommodate that request and to walk ari through the symbol of baptism.
Ari with oma and opa after the baptism
Father Lock gave Ari a baptismal candle during the service to represent Christ as light of the world and something he can burn each year on the anniversary of this day. ari really wanted to light it again when he spoke at the reception. (as you'll see in the video the candle wax became a bit of an issue, but still is very meaningful to ari:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

turner falls

today we drove to davis, oklahoma to see the turner falls and explore the surrounding area. what we found was much more beauty and adventure than we anticipated and we had a great time discovering it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

28 weeks

picture of another 28 week old baby

my mom has requested an update on judah's progress and i thought you all might enjoy a peek into his development as well. he is 2 1/2 pounds and almost 15 inches long. his little footprint is two inches! the hair on his head is now clearly visible and he sleeps and wakes on his own regular intervals. his brainwaves exhibit REM sleep which means judah is starting to dream.

my favorite "developmental milestone" is that judah can now not only hear us, but recognize our voices which calms his heartbeat.

sweet dreams, baby boy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


ari was SO EXCITED that his birthday fell on a sunday this's his favorite day. we always start with doughuts, then church, then out for lunch and today all of those things were dedicated to him!
happy eighth birthday, ari!
the INSTANT he opened gifts from aunts and uncles and found some money he knew exactly what it would purchase. no more "demo version" of his favorite video game...he is now an official owner of the game and this blank stare we saw all afternoon

i don't know how we're going to fit another candle on next year!