Wednesday, September 22, 2010

number two

2. help children develop good sensory awareness-teach them to be in tune to that "uh-oh" feeling in the pit of their stomach or a rapid heartbeat. their body can sense things they would never be able to articulate and if they are taught that these are valuable sensations and to pay attention to them, they may avoid many dangerous situations.

an important piece to this step is practicing how to handle those warnings ahead of time. getting children to recognize those warning signs is a great first step, but then they need to practice their plan of action before being in a paralyzing scenario.
the authors also recommend at this point assuring your child that if something happens that makes them feel yucky, or if someone tells them to keep something secret that you WILL believe them. that you will do whatever it takes to protect them even if a trusted adult is the one that is contradicting their story.

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