Thursday, September 23, 2010

number three

3. teach children how to avoid being lured-children need to be taught what traps to avoid. they need to know that there are children and adults in every neighborhood who have problems and might try to take advantage of kids. they are much less likely to "take the bait" or blame themselves if they are approached and know this. tell kids that if the request...
-feels funny
-seems like it would separate him from the other children
-goes against family rules
-involves a secret
-seems like an unearned "special" favor
they should refuse and seek you out and tell you what happened

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Jeana said...

Like you, I was always afraid of the ugly, dark clothed "stranger" who would snatch me away. But we tell our kids that are safe adults and "tricky people" and one of the biggest tricks of tricky people is that they look like everyone else and can even be someone we already know. We tell our kids that they have to be careful not to fall for the tricks of tricky people and then run through several scenarios to try to help our kids decipher the tricks. "Hey Noah, what if we are at a church picnic and Mr. Bob says, 'Noah my dog ran away, come help me find him!' What do you do?" The correct answer is, "I would need to get permission from my mom or dad first." and then RUN to find us.

I'm glad you're doing this little blog series--such good reminders to be vigilant!