Friday, September 24, 2010

number four

4. offer opportunities for your children to practice saying "no" -they must have practice and experience with the right of refusal in other areas of life. this is a tough one. we as parents constantly want our children to say YES! we want them to obey, comply, and respect our wishes. we tell them the same when it comes to teachers and other authority figures. i think this is what we should be doing, but we need to keep in mind that there are times we want our children to say no, especially as they gain more independence. so your child is "strong-willed" and "NO!" is their favorite phrase? rejoice! they're getting practice at setting boundaries and saying no to all kinds of unhealthy things:) who knew letting your kid wear the pink shirt and red striped shorts was helping them refuse illegal substances or unwanted physical touch?

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Kami said...

Hey Kristal!

Sonny came over for a bit this morning. It was great to see him! I told him I felt like I knew somewhat of what was going on in your life because of following your blog. Funny how that works.

On another note. I think this book is really interesting. I do think this is something we as parents should take very seriously. It happens far too often to kids. We are really big into training our kids with everything so it would make sense to train them about this stuff as well. One of the main things we've tried to instill in our kids is open communication. We want them to be comfortable talking to us about this stuff so that nothing will be hidden or in secret. Thanks for putting this stuff up here. It is good to be reminded of it.

ps how is your pregnancy going? I think I told you already, but you are just a month ahead of me.