Monday, August 30, 2010

did someone say free printables?

i am totally in love with the "free printable". you can find them all over bloggyland for all kinds of occasions. i have used them to make notecards as teacher or friend gifts. i have printed tags to top a gift or to staple closed a baggie full of yummies. i have printed cupcake toppers, to-do lists, recipe cards, can see i like them.

these back to school ones in particular are just too cute to keep to myself. here is the link for these adorable bookmarks, lunch box notes, and joke cards. if you are intrigued by this "free printable" idea i would recommend as a place to start your obsession. happy printing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

parenting regrets

this morning noah insisted that NONE of the dozen pairs of shoes he has were proper attire for a pre-k boy such as he was going to be. none were "cool" enough and most definitely not "fast" enough for the task. i promised him that if he just wore the plain (darling) pair of blue canvas shoes i chose, just for today that i would let him choose some new ones at the store tonight.

as we perused the aisle of size 12.5 shoes i saw a few pairs that were adorable, a few more that would be passable, and then, as i heard the shrieks of delight from my four-year-old, i saw the gaudy, loud, ironman, light up shoes. i tried the motherly persuasion of showing him the virtues of all the other pairs. how cool they were and fast they looked and wouldn't he like to just try them on? noah would not be moved. he was in love and there was no changing his mind. he reminded me that i said he could choose and these were his choice. (as i'm typing this i'm feeling an eerie sense of "pre-dejavu" thinking i may feel some of these feelings when he chooses a girlfriend or a wife. oh dear. promptly stuffing that thought to the back of my consciousness)

i grudgingly walked to the register and paid for these wretched shoes i know did NOT match his uniform or my understated taste. the giddy boy next to me had already put them on his feet and lifted his foot to have the security device removed. we (well, he) skipped to the van and we began the drive home. from the back seat i hear him ask "mom? will these shoes grow?" i told him, no, they would not. he immediately asked, greatly perplexed, "then how will i wear them when i'm a grown-up?!"

sigh. i guess they're not THAT bad.

on the first day of second grade...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

contrary to popular belief...

stunned. i think that's how everyone feels. they were all just so SURE it was a girl. well, the ultrasound tech was SURE it is a boy. i'm thrilled. i love being a mom to boys. i was most worried about noah who said if the baby wasn't a girl he wasn't going to love it. my worry was for naught. as soon as the gender was announced he exclaimed "i ALWAYS wanted it to be a boy!!"

we have decided to name him Judah Dean. Judah is a hebrew name that means "praise". Judah was one of Jacob's sons, one of the twelve tribes. Dean is my dad's middle name (and his dad's as well). we want to pay tribute to the man my dad is and pray our son will resemble him more than just in name.

Monday, August 16, 2010

summer fun

we are quickly approaching the day when BOTH of the boys will dress in their uniforms, slip on their backpacks, and head off to school. most of oklahoma is already in session but i am thankful for a few extra days of summer laziness. these past weeks have been jam packed with fun.
we discovered a waterpark just perfect for the interests of our boys (thanks, liz!)

Ari spent a lot of time reading and earned fun prizes at the library
there were bumper boats, race cars, and putt-putt at this summer birthday party!
we sweated it out and watched a minor league baseball game in over 100 degree weather
our first visit to a fancy cupcake shop "Cuppies and Joe" where the boys loved their towers of frosting (oh, and the cupcakes too:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

message in a bottle

when i saw the series called thirteen ounces or less on i was intrigued. the idea is that sending things that are 13 oz or less is pretty inexpensive via first class mail and there's a lot of fun things you can do. she gives examples of mailing a frisbee (just slap a label on it and drop it off at the post office), a stack of colorful post-it notes, or three bouncy balls. the idea i thought would be great was sending a package in a bottle. my niece is going to camp for the first time next week and i thought it would be fun to send her a little love.
i made a trip to the dollar tree and found some fun things that would fit in the opening of a snapple bottle. some hannah montana pencils, brightly colored rings to share with her cabin mates, pixie sticks, and some of those shaped rubberband bracelets that are all the rage.

i stuck 'em in the bottle, put a label on (not as cute as the one on giverslog:), and dropped it off at my local usps. imagine her delight when it arrives!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the role of the sexes is so simple when you're seven

last night we had friends over and their two girls were playing so nicely with our two boys. the girls suggested playing "house" which is new territory to my boys but they followed the girls' lead. after a while we heard a little grumbling coming from the other room where ari was behind a cash register. i asked him what was wrong and he said " well, we were playing house, and i was the dad, so ya know, i went to work and macy was the mom so she stayed home. well, (sigh) she just kept calling me at work saying she was bored and she wanted to work too (voice rising in frustration) so i said "FINE!" and gave her a cash register too."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

papa's point of view

remember nella's birth story?
well, kelle asked her dad to write it from his perspective. part one here and part two here.
you're welcome.